• gluten-free-cookies-1

    insanely delicious gluten free cookies

    60 ml coconut oil 30 ml maple syrup 60 gr. raw honey, optional 140 gr. almond flour 4 t.s. himalayan salt 1/4 t.s. baking soda 60 gr. crushed walnuts 40 gr. coconut flakes 50 gr. raisins or other dried fruits Blend the dry ingredients in a bowl – almond flour, salt, soda, walnuts, coconut flakes […]

  • carrot-cake-3

    divine carrot cate

    divine carrot cate 500 gr. grated carrots 300 gr. de-pited dates 100 gr. raw almonds or mixed with walnuts 100 gr. raw pistachios, crushed into pieces 100 ml. coconut oil, coconut flakes and cinnamon, if desired De-pit the dates and blend into a dates paste. Make flour from the almonds and walnuts. Crush the pistachios […]

  • raw-truffles

    how to make the perfect raw truffles each and every time

    Raw truffles, for me, are the most amazing, delicious and so easy to make dessert recipe, that it’s a sin to skip it and go for a store-bought treat. They are the ultimate dessert recipe. You can use virtually any nut or dried fruit you have in your pantry, experiment with your taste buds and […]

  • maca-chino2_640@900

    guest post by Magdalena – fertility boosting tips, foods & a recipe

    As promised, I continue with the guest posts by talented Bulgarian girls and today I’m more then thrilled to welcome Magdalena Pashova, whom is not only an excellent photographer, a talented chef, but also a colleague of mine and Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN). You can see her beautiful blog here – When Nadia invited […]

  • tapioca-pudding-2

    simply tapioca

    It’s one of those recipes. The ones you plan, cook and they end up in the trash. You know what I’m talking about, right? :) Ah, but this is one is still here… so, why is that? The answer is simple, because someone else loved it. It turned out to be the recipe that showed […]