• coconut-mousse-11

    hello autumn & my coconut mousse

    September is already here and although it’s still tremendously hot outside I just feel that autumn is coming. The chill in the morning, the cloudy sky, the smell of rain, the colorful trees, the beautiful forests… I love autumn. It’s my most favorite season of all. Transition time. A time for new beginnings, new wardrobe, […]

  • apple-puree-cinnamon

    heavenly apple puree

    Do you remember the apple tree I told you about? The one in my parents village yard. Well, it’s still there and our garage is still full of apples, the only difference is that when time passes by the bitter/sweet green apples turn into sweet yellow apples :) Maybe even a little bit too sweet. […]

  • honey-roll

    sweet honey buns

    For the last couple of weeks I made lots of dips, so it was almost inevitable for my husband to raise the question with the bread thing. And this time I totally agreed. So the search for a good quality healthy bread began, and guess what – there is no such thing in the stores… […]

  • sweet-yogurt-1

    sweet yogurt sundae

    We don’t eat yogurt very often and it’s definitely not one of the ingredients you will find if you accidentally open my fridge :) But I believe, that a healthy person should eat everything from time to time, so I try to rotate things. If however you are a regular yogurt eater I do have […]

  • smoothie-love

    frozen berries smoothie

    The hot summer days are over and unfortunately all of my favorite fruits are gone too. And I have to admit that we are so hooked up with the fresh fruits smoothie drinks for breakfast, that the loss is almost painful. The store next to us however has a really good collection of fresh frozen […]