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  • fiveElements-rawFoodRestaurant

    fivelements, sacred place

    My feelings about Bali are quite mixed up, may be because we stayed there long enough to see it all, the good and the bad. But there are some places that grabbed my heart, places I will visit again, places that will be remembered. Like the Fivelements sanctuary… Build by the sacred river, hidden by […]

  • Bali-offerings

    Selamat Datang di Bali

    Welcome to Bali! Words are not enough to say what we feel and how we feel here. Our last days were full of emotions, beautiful views and not so delicious food. But If I have to be really honest… Bali is clean & dirty, calm & noisy, sacred & empty, locals have the best sincere […]

  • love-decoration

    Happy Valentines day!

    The love day is finally here and I hope you are ready for it! Cute gifts, touching cards, sweet treats & home made delicious food is my idea for the perfect day. But if you are still wondering what to prepare for tonight, here is a quick and easy suggestion – just cook his/hers most […]

  • I-love-nature

    nature inspired

    I love nature and I believe the name of the blog says it. I love being out in the open, in the forest, in the garden, in the mountain, at the beach… I love having my hands covered in dirt while planting my own tomatoes, strawberries, flowers, etc. And this year I intend to show […]

  • I-love-reading

    paper love

    I love reading books. I actually read every single day, and it’s not just articles on the internet & cookbooks, I mean books. Currently I read mostly my study books, but there is always some space for additional ones :) I like two kinds of books – the ones that teach you something & the […]

  • I-love-fashion

    I love fashion

    This one together with food is probably the oldest love in my life. Actually I wanted to become a designer even since the kinder garden. My first touch with the fashion world involved my mom’s most favorite skirt and a scissors, the idea – to make myself a purse at the age of 5 :) […]

  • I-love-music

    love is all around us, music

    Since St. Valentine’s day is only a few days away and everything is circled about love, I decided to dedicate a couple of posts to it and show you my loved ones… through photography. That way you can get to know me better and I hope I will get to you better too :) The […]

  • paragliding-17

    the best birthday ever

    Started as a normal sunday day and then everything was upside down. Really! It started like this: On the image above: the tree with the torn paragliders. This is what you see when you reach the starting point, this is the tree in front of the lift, which takes you 1500 meters above the ground… […]