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    book opening event

    It’s an invitation! For my book opening event! The date: june 6, from 18:30 pm The place: Greenwich Book center, bul. Vitosha 37 Join me for an evening full of healthy & delicious raw cuisine, happy people and… a good book! Everybody’s welcome! ——————————- Заповядайте на премиерата на новата ми книга! Датата: 6-ти юни, от […]

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    my new book!

    I’m very happy to announce the release of my new book! In print, in bulgarian and in full colors! Изключително щастлива съм да обявя, че съвсем скоро по книжарниците и магазините в цялата страна ще се появи новата ми книга – 14 дни детокс! Книгата е изцяло на български език и е разделена на 2 […]

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    a gift by nature

    Here in Bulgaria, we have this baby related tradition called “Bread loaf” or Pogacha in bulgarian. It is something like a baby shower, but since we are a bit superstitious, the party for celebrating the baby is made 40 days after the baby is born. The idea is that the birth went well, the baby […]

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    Halloween party photos

    The party was totally amazing and the costumes were terrific, I’m sorry only that I can’t share with you all of them… But still, here is a glimpse :)) photos by Karina Dragolova

  • Halloween

    you are invited…

    на най-страшното парти на което си бил някога! (text in english follows) И ще имаш удоволствието да се насладиш на: * сладки и солени здравословни хапки, приготвени лично от мен и екип ентусиасти, * алкохолни и безалкохолни напитки за всички любители на омайните изкушения, * забавни и усмихнати хора, да, за теб говоря! И понеже […]

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    2 x Tango, the party

    Vendor credits: Graffigna chardonay, Argentina, Pernod Ricard Tango & Pepper studio Food & styling – nature insider [social_media order="facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest"]