raw cacao milk for the calm sunday afternoons

At some point, we all need a moment of peace and quiet; a moment of loneliness, a moment to relax, to gather your thoughts and enjoy the calmness. Usually, these are the lazy Sunday afternoons; when all the work is done and it is time to enjoy the latest issue of your favorite magazine, watch a movie and chat with some friends. And what could accompany those moments better than a warm cup of cacao milk and a truffle. Really, nothing beats that!

The raw nut cacao milk recipe is inspired by the raw truffles a la France and follows their logic. It is gluten-free, sugar-free, soya-free and lactose-free. Delicious!

Cacao milk

2 cups soaked almonds
1 cup soaked and pitted dates
4 cups water
1/2 vanilla bean seeds
a little bit of ginger
2-3 teaspoons cacao powder

1. Soak the nuts and dates overnight.
2. Carefully wash the nuts with cold water and pour them in the blender.
3. Add the water and blend until no nut chunks remain.
4. Strain through a nut bag or double lined lint, carefully squeezing all the liquid out.
5. Peel the dates, strain the soaking water and blend until nice and creamy with the water.
6. Pour the milk back into the blender and add the remaining ingredients.
7. Blend for another minute.
8. Store in the fridge and enjoy at any time.

Tips and tricks

* In this recipe, the cacao powder and dates will overpower the taste of nuts, so it really does not matter which type of nuts you use. I prefer almonds, but you can substitute them with cashews or walnuts if you like.
* Peel the dates before blending to achieve a creamy feel. After soaking them overnight, the skin will come off easily.
* The soaking water from the dates is caramel sweet, so do not throw it out! Use it in making the milk.
* On the contrary, never use the soaking water from the nuts. Throw it out and before blending the nuts, wash them carefully with cold water.
* You can also heat the cacao milk in the dehydrator for a warm touch.

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Nadia Petrova

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