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You can read the full text in bulgarian here and the english version is published at MindBodyGreen as Everything you wanted to know about detoxing, but were afraid to ask.

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  1. Hello!I’m new in juicing!Couple weeks ago,I read some articles about food combination and I found out that you should never combine fruit and vegetables in one meal or juice because they need different enzymes to digest…something like that.
    One of my favourite juices is apples,carrots and root beet.Is that combination is not healthy enough?
    Would you share,please,your opinion about fruits and veggies combination?
    Thank you!

  2. Svetlin, the fruit and veggies combination is a controversial topic, so I can only share my opinion on the subject…

    Fruits eaten after a main meal are a problem, because they ferment in the stomach and make it hard to digest the whole thing. So, never eat a fruit as dessert after a main meal. Eat it as a snack, between the meals.

    Fruits eaten first thing in the morning can cause early hypoglycemia and raise blood sugar levels, so have to be avoided as well.

    Fruit juices have 3 times more sugar in them, then a normal fruit eaten whole. So, a fruit juice is not great for everyone, especially if the person has some insulin level disturbances.

    Fruit & veggie juices are ok as a combination, because they are stripped of their fiber and easily digested.

    Fruits & greens are a good combination, because greens are not exactly veggies, they are more of a blossom or flower.

    etc, etc :))

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