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Tomorrow the world is going to end and I’m writing about a chair? What the hell is wrong with me? Well, at least I’ll meet it calmed down and with a smile, because… you know, it’s a rocking chair thing.

Now, back to the chair – do you know what is the best way to calm a baby or ease it back to sleep? Even a 3-year old knows that – by rocking it, of course. The tough question than will be: Do you know why? What is so special about the rocking part and if it works so good on babies, will it work on grown-ups as well?

For us it all started with my husband’s idea to buy one. The Ikea Poäng rocking chair to be exact, the one on the photo above. It’s kind of fancy, adds a nice touch of color to our living room and is one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever sat in. But the biggest surprise for me was the effect a simple rocking motion can have on my nerves. It calmed me down and my husband actually unintentionally felt asleep within minutes after sitting on it for the first time. I started researching and very soon tons of data on the health benefits of a simple rocking chair overwhelmed me.

The motion of the rocking chair turned out to be great for back pain, post-surgery recovery, varicose veins, people with ADD, ADHD and overall mental health issues, during pregnancy, delivery and recovery periods, and many more.

While rocking, the blood pressure falls and respiration slows, yet energy is being exerted in shifting your body weight back and forth, thus helping you to calm, focus, relax… That’s why you will see rockers in many hospital labor and delivery rooms, nursing homes, rehabilitation units, in class rooms working with exceptional children and a number of airports, like Seattle, San Diego, Cincinnati, etc.

The biggest fan of the rocking chair though is still believed to be JF Kennedy, who was prescribed one for his back pain and loved it so much that brought one even on Air Force One.

Have you ever tried one? Do you love it?

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