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“I would need a fit muse. It’s not a nutritionist nor personal trainer. Just someone who would make sure that after work I go to the gym not home. She (it’s she and she looks perfect) would sit with me in the car and motivate me “yesterday you said tomorrow”! “find energy it is right there, in you!”. She could also assist me when I pass a snack machine at the office. And when I feel like eating something in the evening when I watch my favorite tv series by showing me pictures of Gisele B.” – From Alex

I read that comment a few days ago at Garance Dore’s site and ever since I just can’t stop thinking “I need one too!”. Ok, let me explain.

At first it was easy. I was super motivated, I needed to lose weight, I started studying about nutrition and health, I even went through a sports nutrition course. I felt amazing. My body changed. I started wearing clothing’s from my school years, can you believe that? I never missed a gym class. I was like a soldier, minimum 3 times per week straight, no matter the weather, no matter where I’m and what I have to do… This was me, for the last 2 years.

Than I decided to take a break and I liked it.

Ever since I’m struggling to find back my fit muse and I truly have to confess that it is hard. And no matter how much fun it will be to really have one, the truth is simple. The only fit muse you can rely on is YOU. So tell me, what motivates you to go to the gym? What is your fit muse telling you? :)

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  1. This sounds a little bit lame, but whenever I’m at the gym I take a minute to be consciously grateful that I am able to be there – a healthy body capable of exercise, the time to do it, a gym steps away from where I live, and the ability to afford a membership. Far from everyone in the world has that privilege, and taking some time to remind myself of that makes a huge difference. That’s my fit muse =)

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