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Special dates call for special announcements, so today I’m very happy to share with you my pro bono program. I believe that each and every one of us has a special purpose on Earth and for the last years I figured out that mine is to help. I also understand that helping people is not always about the money and sometimes the people that need that help the most can not afford to have it. That’s why, I will make at least one free consultation per month to someone who is in need, but can not afford to pay for it.

To qualify for the free consultations, you will have to:

~ Send me an e-mail or leave a comment here saying who you are, what is your age and what is your primary health concern.

~ Explain why you can’t afford to pay. This is a needed one, because I don’t want someone to steel anybody’s health option for a pair of new fancy shoes.

~ I need you to be willing to do whatever I tell you to. If it is to stop eating something you love – you just stop it. Believe me, I will not ask you to do anything just for fun, it will be your health on the line.

~ You will also have to send me an update on your status at least once per month for the duration of your protocol. I want to know how you feel, how your health is improving, do you have enough energy and how much weight you have lost.

~ Include your Facebook profile in your resume.

The pro bono consultation is open worldwide and can be held in english or bulgarian. Take the first step to the new YOU and send me a letter! All you have to do is make the choice that you want to be healthy & fit. Leave a comment here with the needed info or send me an e-mail at nadia@natureinsider.com. Please, have in mind, that although I don’t have the time to respond to every one of you in person, I will read everything you want to say.

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