why the store bought organic vegetables are not tasty too?

A friend of mine asked me that questions a couple of days ago and she sounded very disturbed… She said “I started buying mainly organic vegetables and fruits lately and they actually have no taste, just like the non-organic ones. Why is it so?”

Really, agriculturers, why? We all know that the mineral, vitamin and nutritional content of food is declining, but why the taste too? It’s very painful to say it, but the truth is one, and it’s the same for the whole food industry – they only care about numbers.

And among those number, they prefer the ones that will bring them more profits. For example there are more then 6 000 varieties of tomatoes worldwide, but the modern food industry choose to plant only 6-11 of them, depending on the country. The other varieties are left to the small producers, the home gardeners and everybody crazy enough to raise his own produce, like me.

And here comes the big game changer. How exactly those 10 out of 6 000 varieties were chosen? If you dig further and ask the experts, you will figure out that there are rules when it comes to which variety to plant, and they are as follows:
~ yield, in pounds per acre
~ larger size
~ firmness, in terms of thickness and hardness of outer pericarp wall (which provides the ability to withstand pressure of weight when bouncing in a truck during shipment)
~ resistance to disease
~ heat and cold tolerance
~ uniformity of shape
~ uniformity in time of ripening.

That’s it. They do not care about nutritional content. They do not care about flavor. This is not important. Nutritional content and flavor are not in the picture, they do not bring profits.

Now, when it comes to organic produce, it is still healthier than non-organic and some research show it’s nutritional content is higher, but they still lack that taste we all crave about. The pure, delicious, mouthwatering taste from our childhood. It is just not important enough to get in the list.

What can we do to change that? My options are… plant a garden, join a community one or just buy local produce from small farmers. It will taste much more better, I promise.

The article is based on the book “The end of food” by Thomas Pawlick

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  1. That’s interesting. I haven’t noticed taste differences specifically with organic, but I have noticed huge differences depending on what store I I choose to buy produce from. Surprisingly I have been disappointed with Trader Joe’s produce. It is often tasteless and old. While buying organic at a regular grocery store I find it has more flavor but it comes with a slightly pricier label. I occasionally go to whole foods, which has switched over to exclusively selling organic produce and I have no complaints with their selection but it is the most expensive of all the choices so I only go there about once a month.

  2. Jaime, what I’m talking about is the store bought organic products, like from huge supermarkets. The rules don’t apply to farmer markets and small boutique stores, or at least I hope so :))

  3. Hi Nadia! Love your blog. I think another thing that is huge here is that veggies and fruit are picked when they’re not ripe, and whether they’re organic or not has nothing to do with this. I always knew this was the case, but this year my parents had to pick a lot of tomatoes from the garden when they were still green and it really shows in their flavour. They could easily be confused them with grocery store tomatoes, while at the peak of ripeness they were delicious. It’s so sad that most of our supermarket veg gets the same treatment.

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