watermelon sorbet on a stick

Do you love ice creams, sorbets, granitas… gelato? I believe most people do.

Well, except for me, or at least I thought so some years ago. I remember the days when all the kids couldn’t wait to see the ice cream station to run for it, except for me. Or when I asked one very sweet old lady to sell me just the ice cream cone and she was so confused, she couldn’t believe it’s happening…

It was me, until I discovered I can make my own ice cream and I can adjust it to my taste in every possible way. The sweetness, the ingredients, everything. And then I finally figured it out, it’s not that I don’t love ice cream, I just don’t like most of the store bought options. Do you?

Now, what I really love are some very strange to some people frozen desserts. I love frozen yogurt ice cream, banana ice cream with all kinds of berries and of course, watermelon in all it’s forms, including sorbets. And my latest discovery – you can freeze the sorbet on a stick! It’s easier to eat, looks much more better and it’s delicious! Just try it :))

For the watermelon sorbet you will need:

1 slice of watermelon
Sticks and forms for the camera

Remove the seeds from the watermelon and blend it. It will liquify a lot, so don’t add water or milk. Pour it in the forms, add the sticks and freeze in the camera for 24 hours. Voila!

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