brownies & a galette

There are two things I don’t do very often in the kitchen – bake desserts & follow someone’s else recipe. For the first one, it’s obvious I think, I prefer my desserts raw. Thankfully my husband does so too :) And about following a recipe… well, like I said before, I just can’t. I always have to change, adjust, improvise. It’s just who I’m :)

This week though I made both, and then I made it again. I baked. Twice the galette and once the brownies recipe… And they are both not mine. The brownies recipe is created by the talented Angela from Oh, she glows and the galette is a recipe by my friend and CSNN fellow student Maggie. They are both super delicious and irresistible. So, if you do like following a recipe… just bake them, you won’t regret it :)

For the brownies recipe I changed only 2 things. It’s a progress, mind my words! I noticed that the gluten-free and the vegan version had only one difference, the flour, so I decided to change it too and baked the brownies with a spelt flour. I also substituted the flax eggs for chia seed eggs. It turned out mouthwatering delicious!

After tasting the brownies I also decided to make small cakes out of them for my dinner party tonight, so I cut little circles, topped them with blueberry jam and crushed chocolate. Pure yum!

And how about this beautiful galette here, you might ask… Well, it’s a galette to remember! Maggie baked it for the sunday breakfast during our little retreat and ever since I just can’t stop thinking about it. Finally I have found an easy, tasty and healthy baked dessert that I can make now and then and feel good about it. I made it twice ever since with different fillings and I personally can recommend the pear-apple-walnuts one. The photos here though are from the pear-pistachios version, which was also delicious, but not as good as the walnuts one.

So, again, if you are willing to give those desserts a try, here are the original recipes:
Brownies from Oh, she glows and
Rustic galette by Naturelita.

Good luck and bon appétit! :)

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  1. I saw Angela’s brownies recipe the other day and I thought they looked fantastic. However, I absolutely love the way you garnished yours! It’s so beautiful :] The circle shaped cakes are adorable. The galette looks amazing as well. I’ve actually been wanting to try making some for a while now, but I hadn’t come across a nice recipe. I’m definitely giving it a try soon :]

  2. These look stunning! Love the pictures and the healthy recipes.

    I also wanted to comment on your latest post, but it seems like it’s closed to comments. I think the ten week plan is amazing. I’m on my way with most of those changes, but the one I’m most intrigued by is the food combining chart. Any good sites you recommend for that?

  3. Divya, thank you!
    It’s great that you’ve done most of the things! I’ll write an article about the proper food combining soon, because my principles are a little bit different then the ones on some web sites. Will start working on it right away!

  4. Beautiful. I would love to make the rustic galette but I can’t find the recipe in english, any chance you would post it?

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