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We spent the last couple of days in the cute village Kostenkovtsi with friends celebrating the end of summer and my name day. It’s a Christian tradition honoring the 3 sisters Hope, Faith & Love and their mother Sofia. My name is Nadezhda, meaning hope and is represented by an anchor, the faith by a cross and of course the love with a heart. When I was a little girl I wore all the time a small necklace with the 3 symbols on it and it was a reminder to never loose hope, faith and love, something that stuck on me forever.

Kostenkovtsi turned out to be the perfect destination for our little escape and me & Maggie decided it will also be an amazing place to make a healthy living retreat for couples. The houses are a mixture of old & new, fancy & rustic, stylish and calm at the same time, small bedrooms with a single bed, rocking chairs by the fireplace and kitchens in every house.

Quick note: don’t forget to sign for our healthy living retreat this october! It will be in the beautiful Red door house with lots of cooking, healthy eating and living lectures and of course fun!

For the evening celebration we prepared lots of salads with garden tomatoes, zucchinis, peppers, spinach, ruccola, herbs and spices. And played a little bit with the dessert… We cooked, we shoot and we had fun, a lot of fun :)

raw chocolate mini cakes
  • 2 cups almonds
  • 1 cup dates
  • 2 chocolate bars

1. Blend the almonds with the dates using the S knife.
2. Melt the first chocolate and mix it with the almonds and dates paste.
3. Roll like a salami and leave in the fridge for couple of hours to harden.
4. Cut thin slices from the dough.
5. Melt the second chocolate bar and pour it over the mini cakes.
6. Enjoy with friends :)

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  1. You have such a beautiful name, and I love your dress ;)
    Yum yum, these cakes looks so good! How many grams is one bar of chocolate? 100? And what kind do you use? It looks so creamy and light!
    Im enjoying a raw brownie with raspberries atm- best thing ever!

  2. Wow, the pictures of chocolate are like amazing! I think it’s because (aside from the fact you’re an incredible photographer) I’m off chocolate. Worst thing ever. :)

  3. Thank you, Ragnhild!
    Yes, I used 100 gr chocolate bars. This time I made it with basic Lindt, because the majority of the guests were non vegans, but at home I usually make it with my own raw chocolate :)

  4. The pictures are really good, however I cannot agree with your statement that this chocolate is raw. Working for more than 20 years in a chocolate manufacture there is no power to prove that the chocolate on the picture is really raw because the raw have completely different consistency, color, thickness etc. This chocolate have been tempered previously which means that it was produced in a regular manufacture so I am sorry to led you down, however somebody have sold you a regular milk chocolate or you have tried to mislead people with the idea of having raw chocolate bars.

    Other than that I do respect your ideas and share your way of life (actually this was one of the reasons for me to leave the company I used to work) but please do not make people believe in something which is not true no matter which of the both upper mentioned reasons is the one true one.

    If you happen to purchase such bar introduced to you as RAW VEGAN etc. simply change your supplier immediately and that is a word of a specialist that have grown with cocoa dirt on his shoes and was literally diving into the chocolate mixers to repair them and maintain

    Take care and keep up the good shape and health!

  5. Ivan, thank you for your comment!
    This chocolate bar indeed is not raw, as I wrote :) Here it is again:
    “I used 100 gr chocolate bars. This time I made it with basic Lindt, because the majority of the guests were non vegans, but at home I usually make it with my own raw chocolate”

    P.S. And here is my raw chocolate, the one I make at home. I hope the consistency is the right one :)))

  6. Oh, I am sorry. I have been mislead by the title “raw chocolate mini cakes”. Now I did understand that you have mean to have the raw bars covered with unraw milk chocolate. All is fine and clear now.

    Thank you for your information.

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