hello autumn & my coconut mousse

September is already here and although it’s still tremendously hot outside I just feel that autumn is coming. The chill in the morning, the cloudy sky, the smell of rain, the colorful trees, the beautiful forests… I love autumn.

It’s my most favorite season of all. Transition time.
A time for new beginnings, new wardrobe, new foods. This blog started in september last year, my name day and my brother’s birthday are in september, my own birthday is in october, and this year in october I start my own workshops. Something I’m dreaming for quite some time.
It’s finally here. Autumn time.

To celebrate it properly I decided to change our breakfast smoothies & juices routine to something more fulfilling and warm. Like this easy and delicious coconut mousse topped with autumn fruits and honey.

The coconut mousse is light and creamy, just like greek yogurt, which reminds me that if you do eat yogurt, you can use it for this mousse for an easy breakfast just the same.

Ah, and we received our new pot of honey last week! I know some vegans don’t eat it, but Bulgaria is famous for it’s honey and we buy ours from a small village up in the mountains, where the bees gather nectar only from wild flowers and herbs. The honey is heartbreaking! Trust me on that.

coconut mousse
  • 1 can coconut creme or greek yogurt
  • 2 teaspoons coconut oil
  • 2 teaspoons honey
  • 1/4 vanilla bean
  • 1 cup fresh fruits

1. Put the coconut can in the fridge at least for a day.
2. Using a spoon take only the upper solid part of it. Save the water for future smoothies.
3. Add to the food processor with the sweetener, coconut oil and the scrapped vanilla bean and blend using the S knife.
4. Put back in the fridge to harden.
5. Spoon some in small cups and garnish with fresh fruits. I used grapes, honeydew melon and pomegranate.

P.S. Do you change your breakfast routine with seasons?

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Nadia Petrova

Nadia Petrova is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Member of CANNP, author of the Daily Raw cookbook and Green chef. You can reach her at - E-mail: nadia(at)natureinsider.com, Facebook: facebook.com/natureinsider, Personal Facebook: facebook.com/nadpetrova, Twitter: @natureinsider. And can read more about her here - Nadia Petrova


  1. I love how all foods on your site look so fresh and alive and, of course, healthy. Just beautiful. I hear they are making a “vegan” Greek yogurt from coconut and not soy. I’m not sure when it will come out, but I hope to try it with this recipe! Oh I bet that honey is so delicious – it looks amazing!

  2. This looks so beautiful! There’s a vegan Greek yogurt made from coconut milk which will be hitting stores here very soon. I’m excited it for it! :D I think it would be perfect for this recipe. I usually stick to oats all year round, but I’ve had to switch to overnight oatmeal now that I don’t have time to cook in the morning :]

  3. Oh, I want to try that yogurt too! Sounds mouthwatering :)
    And will be perfect for an easy everyday breakfast, just add some fruits and you are ready to go!

  4. Thanks Jenn! I’m so excited for the workshop, it will be amazing. Just the idea of so many people in one place interested in the same thing is enough to make it a memorable event :)

  5. Beautiful presentation! This sounds so good, I MUST try to make my own coconut yohurt! And also honey is so good! I know its not vegan, but my grandparents have their own bees, and they have happy lives :) So I eat it when I want! And these pictures so made me crave honey ;)

  6. Ragnhild, thanks for the honey comment!
    I love it too and believe it’s so healthy for everybody, much more better than agave, maple syrup, sugar, etc sweeteners :)

  7. I can’t even imagine what that beautiful honey tastes like. I love learning more about Bulgaria through your blog. What a beautiful post full of fantastic photos. Greek yogurt is a new find for me. I love it in the morning with a layer of honey on the bottom.

  8. Sounds delicious! And in the process of learning… the greek yogurt is actually drained bulgarian yogurt. The yogurt itself is made with the help of a bacteria called bifidus bulgaricus, because it was first found here :) I believe the only country that gives us credit about it is Japan, where the original unflavored yogurt in stores is sold as Bulgarian yogurt :)

  9. Направо си представям как го похапвам! Само кокосовия крем ми е проблем, идея къде може да го намеря в Пловдив?

  10. Не знам магазините в Пловдив, но можеш да си го поръчаш онлайн от магазина на здравословен живот – zdravosloven.com :) Надявам се да ти хареса!

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