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With winter coming to an end I got myself thinking more and more about my spring detox plan, what to do, when to do it and which plan to follow from the numerous ones I read and learnt about. Most of the detox plans are not easy to perform, they involve a strict water only fasts, avoidance of different foods, raw food detoxes, etc. Great deal of them require additional things to do or drink, like colonics and wheatgrass drinks… The bottom line is they require a plan and persistency to finish them perfectly.

During the last year I experimented a lot and made one day fasts, three days fast, longer fasts, full detox programs, etc. But my absolute favorite still remains the one day juicing fast. It’s so easy, that virtually everybody can do it without the extra drama of the longer ones, doesn’t require a serious plan and still is very effective. It helps you lose 1-2 pounds per day (but this should not be the main reason for doing it!), it’s great detox for the body and it gives your digestive system the so long waited rest at least for a day.

If you’ve never detoxed before, I would also recommend starting with the one day fast once per week at least for 1-2 months to prepare yourself for what’s to come. It is also a great full year detox – one day juicing fast in 7 or 14 days works wonders for your body and health.

grapefruit juice, one day detox juicing fast

one day detox

So if you are considering making the fast and help your body get rid of some of the nasty thing you ate lately, here are my do’s & don’ts for making it as smooth as possible:

  • Start the day with lime water – 1/2 lime squeezed into a glass of warm water. This will help you clean the intestines and mark the beginning of your detox :)
  • Pick one fruit or vegetable combination for the day and stick with it. For the winter months choose in season products, like oranges, grapefruits, carrots, etc. My personal favorites – oranges & grapefruits, carrots & apples, carrots & beetroot and the single fruit juices.
  • Dilute the juice with some spring water to avoid raising your blood sugar levels.
  • Drink only 3 cups of fresh made juices for the day replacing the main meals with them – breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • Don’t forget to drink water too! You body needs at least 6-8 glasses per day.
  • It’s best to make the juice right before drinking, but if you can’t do that, just make sure to keep the juice in the fridge at all times.
  • Don’t mistaken the fresh juice with the smoothie! The idea is to give your body a rest, so the fibers should stay out of the picture. And yes, I know the fibers are healthy and necessary for you, but the idea behind this fast is to give your digestive system a break.
  • During the detox avoid smoking, drinking coffee, black tea, sugar, chocolate, dairy products.
  • You can drink lime water and herb teas.
  • Make it on a working day, not the weekend. In the weekends you are either at home or out with friends, and will be tempted all the time to eat something. While at work your mind will be busy with different stuff and you won’t even notice the day passing by.
  • Plan ahead your evening. Prepare a good movie, a nice book, a distraction. Make sure your fridge is not full with things you love to eat or snack, it will help you big time to empty it in advance! And if you get rid of the empty calorie snacks at home, it will help you to never gain much weight again.
  • Don’t make exhausting work-outs during that day in the evening. It will be too much on your system and you might experience unpleasant situations. If you want to exercise – make it in the morning, when you are still fueled with the energy from the previous day.
  • Make your one day juicing fast a tradition and repeat it every week. Your body will thank you!

be healthy!
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  1. I’ve always been interested in fasting, but doesn’t this give you bad breath? Are you allowed to eat sugar free gum at least?
    Thanks for your great tips and recipes <3

  2. Thanks, Cosi!

    It’s possible to have a bad breath while fasting, although I never had any. Everybody detoxifies differently – some people have bad breath, rashes, fever, pain… all kinds of things can happen, that’s the natural way of the body to clean itself. I actually consider it a good sign, it means you are throwing out the garbage… and it will stop after the first few fasts.

    As for the sugar free gums, most of them are made with aspartame. The aspartame is pretty nasty thing, it damages your brain. If you can find organic gum without any additives, then chew as much as you want.

    The best option will be to drink herbal teas, there are a lot of variations and most of them smell and taste very good, leaving you with good breath too :)

  3. Zdravei, dosta mi haresa statiyata za detoksikatsiyata :) Az samata toku shto napravih tri dni na sokove ot grapefruit i portokal.Naistina se chuvstvash lek, no pak i malko izmoren.

    Tai kato sam na tema zdravoslovno hranene, iskam da popitam kade e nai dobre da se kupuvat plodove i zelen4utsi, tai kato ot TV neprekasnato spomenavat za pestitsidi, kakto v zelen4utsite , taka i nitrati v plodovete. Vsiaka preporaka s to4no miasto 6te mi bade ot polza, sa6to za chia seeds, zabeliazah 4e sa ot magazina Zoya.

    I oshte neshto predi da srana dosadna, otkade moje da se zakupi orizovo mliako:) Blagodaria predvaritelno

  4. Привет Теди, поздравления за детокса! Нормално е да се чувстваш леко изморена първо защото изхвърляш токсини от организма си и второ, защото не ядеш :) Тялото ти хаби например около 1500 калории в нормално състояние за ден, а когато си на сокове ти му подаваш само 100-200 и му се налага да си взима от запасите, тук вече си зависи кой колко запаси си е натрупал :)))

    Иначе аз пазарувам от Здравословен живот , имат и онлайн магазин, но за прясни плодове и зеленчуци мисля, че трябва да отидеш на място. Там има и оризово мляко, кокосово мляко, ядкови млека и всякакви подобни. Общо взето мисля, че е един от най-добрите био магазини в София.

    Чиа семена от, в Здравословен няма само от тях :)

  5. Zdravei i blagodaria za barzia otgovor,
    mnogo mi haresva tozi site ima naistina polezna i zdravoslovna informatsia.
    Predpolagam che shto se otnasia za kozmetikata bilo to dekorativna ile everyday use otnovo ot tezi magazini?
    A inache dobra i izprobvana marka, ot koyato da ne ti izlizat papki ili li6ei po litseto…?


  6. Благодаря, Теди :)

    Да си призная не съм много по козметиките и не ги разбирам особено. В Здравословен живот бяха направили едни безплатни курсове по грим и тяхната експертка ми препоръча едни неща, които си купих и съм доволна. В магазина мисля, че има около 3-4 натурални марки козметика и ако попаднеш на Ели, тя ще ти обясни кое как. Можеш да вземеш и тестери да пробваш първо. Аз за момента използвам гримовете на Sante и бяла на Cattier.

  7. Oh dear, I should have guessed that there is something wrond about sugar free gums! I tried your one day detox yesterday, and luckily I had nothing worse than temporary bad mood and feeling really weak when I woke up this morning. So next time I’ll just keep some tea and maybe light biscuits next to my bed :) I only wish you would be a bit more specific in your posts sometimes, like how much fruits to use or how many servings a recipe will make, for the rest I’m really happy I found your blog!

  8. Yes, the bad mood is normal, we all had it at first :)
    As for the juice quantities – it’s 3 cups per day, one cup should be 250 ml juice diluted with some water. I can’t say though how much fruits is that because any juicer pulls out different quantities. I changed 2 juicers last year and the second one makes 50% more juice from the first one. So it’s best to stick to the cups measurement.

  9. Hi guys!

    I see lots of plans comming for this spring time, huh? I wanted to add few things about the chewing gum that can make you feel worse than now, but that is the truth about it. The bad news is that even if you find an organic natural chewing gum with no additives, I would not recommend you chewing it simply because it will affect your digestive system. How? Well think of the whole picture yourselves – you put some food in your mouth, the saliva is produced to ease the food passing to the stomach and at the same time the saliva is produced, the stomach acids are produced by a command of our brains. Now what this acid does in the stomach we all know when there is a food comming in, however imagine the case with the chewing gum – you chew it, the saliva is produced (first waste of energy and body resources), than the stomach acid is produced (second waste of energy and resources) and the biggest issue is that there is no food to lower the acidity so all this acids need to be turned into salts so to achieve the normal body pH. This forces the kidneys to work harder (and not only) as well as puts you in risk of having internal stomach injuries and wounds caused by the touch of the concentrated acid to the stomach walls.

    So maybe it will be a good idea when you feel in a mood to chew something simply to grab 1-2 nuts and chew them really really long. I know this wont let you make bubbles however it is time for us to grow up sometime and if you start worrying about your lifestyle, now would be the perfect time to do so ;)

    Juice fast is amazing and even though this can cause some bad breath or nasty feelings, this is still the most important thing you can do to help your body maintain the perfect energy and health levels. Read a bit why the breath is changed during the detox and you will be thankful that you have had such effects ;)

    Thanks for the info, Nadia and keep up the good work!

  10. Oh, so true about the acidity and the chewing gum!
    I totally forgot about that, because I don’t use gums…
    Thank you! :)

  11. Hi Nadia
    Thanks for stopping by and alerting me to your site. I love this post on juice fasting. I’ve never done this, but have been thinking about it lately. It does seem like a great way to begin spring. I’m just so glad to be using the word spring right now! I normally love winter, but for some reason this year I’m ready to be in full spring mode. I think it was that trip visiting the in-laws in Phoenix that did me in. Leaving warm days to return to the frigid midwest was a shock to my system. Anyway, I’m glad to be see spring coming…and glad to have found your site!

  12. Thank you, Marly!

    I already wish the winter was over too, I guess we accumulated too much cold this time…
    The one day juicing fast is really the best way to start and see how you feel, what you feel and can you go on :)

  13. Zdravei,

    iskah da te popitam za probiotsitsite

    znae6 li ne6to pove4e za tiah,

    razbrah 4e sega e sezonat za tiahnoto priemane
    i 4e triabva da sa balgarski, zatova iskam da popitam priemala li si, priema6 li i koi konkreten takav bi prepora4ala

    Blagodaria predvaritelno,

    Tedy :)

  14. Привет Теди,

    да, добра идея да си направиш профилактика с пробиотици и ние в момента пием :)
    Аз си избрах на една българска фирма – Lyolact probiotic, продава се в био магазините и по аптеките. Дневната доза е 2 капсули 2-3 дневно, но ние пием по 1 капсула 2 пъти дневно, мисля че няма нужда от повече освен, ако няма някое заболяване което да изисква пиенето му в по-големи количества. Пробиотика възстановява естествения баланс на чревната микрофлора и е абсолютно задължителен за хора с кандида или такива, които са пили антибиотик в последните 10 години… За всички останали лека профилактика от 1 опаковка веднъж годишно е достатъчна :)

  15. Alice, it is totally safe :)
    My brother is fasting once per week for more then 2 years now, and combining it with a healthy vegetarian diet, he is in vibrant health, just like me.

  16. Hi! Happy to have found this. One question though, I don’t have a juicer, can I just squeeze the fruit? Its probably more work, but thats really the only thing the juicer dose, right? Another question, I’m doing this because i have been feeling very tired and nauseated the last week, so I haven’t gotten very a lot of good stuff down. Unfortunately there has gone down a bit to many sugary things and thats why i want to do this, the thing is though that my stomach isn’t really working because of this. Haven’t been to the bathroom for a few days, will this help with that?


  17. Hi Christine!

    If you feel very tired, nauseated, etc eating or drinking fruits is not the best option for you. You have to drink only green or vegetables juices, which can not be juiced without a machine. Another option is to substitute the juice with a green smoothie, if you have a blender.

    For more help with your issues –

  18. This is neat. I am juicing today and decided to do it once a week on a mid week I am not missing out on the weekend and also I can avoid cooking once a week..hahaha…I prefer just carrot juice and also some coconut water.

    thanks for sharing

  19. i really like your one day detox, but because i am not home or by a refridgerator during lunch do you just think that i could chop up some carrots and apples and eat that for luch instead of the juice?
    Thank you!

  20. Hi Nadia,

    Thank you very much for the 1-day detox plan. This is exactly what I was looking for, practical and simple.

    However, I wanted to know if it was OK to have paracetamol if I happened to have headaches during the day.


  21. Mohamed, usually headaches are symptoms and it’s best to understand what causes them, then to suppress them.

    First drink 2 glasses of water, the main reason for headaches is lack of water. The next are dietary amines, like red wine, cheese and beer. And lastly, an allergy reaction or withdraw.

  22. I am very excited about the one day detox. I have done many different types, but working like I do is hard to complete. So thanks. Am ready to get started. Love all the information you give.

  23. Hello and thanks for all
    My cuestion is the juice I going
    To make is only with one fruit
    O is with 3 o 4 Diferent fruit
    Please respond me because
    I bery confuce thanks .

  24. Dear Nadia,
    Thank you so much for this post. I was going to do water fast tomorrow but after reading this I decided to also include juices and herbal teas as it is already going to be hard for me because I will definitely get a caffeine withdrawal ;) so having just water seemed pretty daunting…
    Thank you again,
    Tatiana ♥

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