raw cauliflower creme soup

I love white. I love it in all aspects of life – the white snow, the white sunny beaches, the white clouds and even white clothes. And if I have to grate my most favorite colors the picture will be quite simple and too boring, it’s white, gold/beige, black and then everything else like light blue, navy blue, green, etc. Knowing that, you shouldn’t be surprised in seeing mostly white tableware on the photos. It’s not that I don’t like the colorful ones, I do. Last time I even went specifically to my favorite home decor store to buy some pretty funky plates in different colors and went home with more white…

Today I woke up to see the ground covered in white again! Which was a huge surprise because the last couple of days the temperatures hit almost 20°C. But still, white is lovely and just in time for my white creamy cauliflower soup. I had this idea for raw cauliflower soup for quite some time, but the right combination always missed me. Up until yesterday while I was drinking delicious home made almond milk, the idea just creeped into my mind – what if I mix the almonds and the cauliflower? Mmmm, yummy! It turned out creamy, rich in flavors and perfect winter time cozy and warm lunch. So, so good!

Cauliflower creme soup
  • one small cauliflower head
  • 200 gr. raw almonds, soaked overnight
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • rosemary, nutmeg, salt & pepper to taste
  • fresh rucola for garnishing

1. Cut the cauliflower and the carrots into thin slices
2. Dehydrate for 1 hour at 145 F
3. And 6 more hours at 115 F
4. Soak the almonds overnight and then peel them*
5. Blend the almonds, the cauliflower, the coconut oil and the water until nice and creamy. Add only 4 cups of water at the beginning and add more later if needed.
6. While the food processor is on, add the olive oil in a thin, steady stream
7. Add the spices and taste to achieve the desired flavor
8. Garnish with dried carrots and fresh greens
9. Serve with some of the peeled almonds for a crunchy touch.

Makes 4 servings. The soup tastes great warm & cold, but I prefer it warmed in the dehydrator for a couple of minutes before serving.

*Tip for peeling the almonds! Just rub each almond between your fingers, easiest way is to rub it between your thumb and index finger and the skin will come off. The almonds need to be soaked overnight to do that.

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bon appétit!
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  1. It looks beautiful and sounds delicious. I don’t have a dehydrator yet. Just jumped into a raw food cleanse four… almost five… days ago. Loving all the inspired food ideas.

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