how to stop the flu the natural way

It is a hard one to write, mainly because I never thought I will have to. I haven’t been ill for the last three years and frankly I thought I will never be ill again. No flu, viruses, colds, etc were supposed to get me… because I’m a holistic nutritionist student, I eat healthy, I practically know what I’m doing. But you know what people say “life is what actually happens while you are making plans”. So, life happened to me, I got the flu.

I spent the first two days denying it and doing nothing about it, so it got even worse. On day three all of my muscles were in pain, my throat was killing me and I had a fever. Great. My husband was in the exact same situation, so we spend the day switching beds and feeling powerless. The only thing in my mind during these days was “I don’t want to drink drugs, I don’t want antibiotics, I just want to get better naturally…” Yeah, good luck with that.

Naturally almost never goes with nice and easy. Don’t know why. Doing things “naturally” is harder and slower, and the results may come with some and may never occur with others. Well, it did for us, me and my husband, but I want to warn you – I’m not a doctor, so don’t rely only on my simple steps, consult with your physician first and then:

* Fast. Your body needs all it’s strength to help you get better, so the best thing to do is to go on a small juicing fast.

* Drink lots of water.

* Drink fresh home-made juices packed with vitamins. We used lemons, grapefruits and oranges with 1 teaspoon raw honey, agave or stevia. 3 times per day.

* Drink ehinacea juice extract. It will boost your healing powers, strengthen the immune system and calm your throat. The ehinacea turned out to be a miracle medicine! I love it! It really calmed the pain in my throat within minutes and helped us get better almost immediately. Drink it according the bottle instructions, in our case – 50 drops 3 times per day.

* Drink vitamin C. We all know about the powers of the vitamin C, but how many of us really use it? We drank 500 mg tablets every 2 hours the first day and every 4 hours on the second one. Try, it won’t hurt. The vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, so the body just throws out what it doesn’t need.

* Prepare the lemon & horseradish mix and take 1 teaspoon in the morning and one in the evening. It helps you get the mucus out. Super helpful and nasty, burns like hell, but hey… I warned you “natural” ain’t gonna be easy :) Peel and grate the horseradish, put it in a small jar and pour lemon juice on top. Mix well and eat.

Well, this is it. It helped us big time. We felt better almost right away, but it took 3 more days to heal completely. And again, I’m not a doctor, so consult with your physician first!

be healthy!
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  1. Thanks Jane, actually some vegans eat honey and others don’t.
    I personally love honey and think it’s much more healthier then sugar, so I use honey.

    And besides I’m not a vegan and never said the opposite :) I just eat healthy.

  2. Honey is an animal product, so it’s not vegan. True some vegans do still use it, but that doesn’t make it vegan.

    Perhaps you are not vegan, but since you listed this post at the Finding Vegan website, anyone clicking it is going to assume it’s a post about something vegan.

  3. I think that your information here is wonderful with or without honey. I think that people need not label themselves but just do what feels right for them.

  4. Nadia,

    You just told my story. I practically live on vegetables, take my probiotics and practice healthy eating so I was surprised to get a cold that wouldn’t go away, or maybe it is the flu but I am in denial. After about 4 days of suffering because I don’t like to take medicine, I have to admit that I caved in and went to the local drug store. My 3 toddlers do not understand suffering for a cause :-). I will try your remedy and pass it on to folks on my website.

  5. Yes, it’s really hard to get ill and still refuse to take drugs :)
    I hope my way will work next time, but still have in mind that I’m not a doctor!

  6. Well, I love it! I am actually going to try this right now since I am coming down with a terrible cold. I will let you know my final results :)


  7. found this blog today . Very nice!! About the flu-problem “up there”. In Italy we use “Propolis” , even that a be-product, but you don’t hurt any bees using propolis ;) It’s fantastic. You can find it in alcohol-solution or other ways and need like 40 drops in a glass of wather 3-5 times a day. To get out your mucus and open your air-ways ( nose and throat) just put some acid-sodium-carbonate in a cup of HOT wather , then make a “cone” of a small towel over the cup and breath the steam. Even great fore sore ears due to throat-pain ;) Next time we get ill in family I’ll add your advices !

  8. Oh , Sorry ! The propolis can better be solved in a spoon of honey ( ora agave nectar ). You just make a “hot-cream” with help of a toothstick and then down the throat !

  9. Wow, thanks for the propolis recipe! I’m drinking propolis for almost 3 years now in the winter – 10-15 drops every morning, but this winter I was distracted and forgot about it… the result – I got the flu :)

    I used to drink it solved in water, but it’s not the most pleasant drink in the world, so I will surely try solving it with some honey next time!
    Besides I love honey, I’ve been in bees farms and I know they don’t hurt the bees, at least here in Bulgaria.

  10. I combined this with your one day detox and I think it really helped!:) I couldn’t get echinacea as juice though so I got mint oil to inhale and it was nice. Thanks!

  11. Dear doctor,

    I am 27 year old…last 3 years before my hairs dark black..but now gradually my hairs going to convert from black to white due to flu….so please recommend natural diet or medicine either antibiotic or homeopatic..i think homeopathic is best for this purpose..
    so please provide effective way to get rid of this desease as early.

    Regards: Waqas

  12. I’m sorry Jane but your remarks are quite ignorant, honey is vegan. Honey is produced from nectar which is collected from a flower. The bees store it in their honey stomach which is different from there other stomach and they bring it to the hive where it’s turned into honey and is put in the honey comb for them to eat. Therefor honey is there food. It’s like saying grass isn’t vegan as cows eat it. So please think before you post. Thank you

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