the best birthday ever

Started as a normal sunday day and then everything was upside down. Really! It started like this:

On the image above: the tree with the torn paragliders. This is what you see when you reach the starting point, this is the tree in front of the lift, which takes you 1500 meters above the ground…

Where is this meadow… with all the people on it with it’s paragliders…

And then, you meet your instructor. Meet mine:

Oh, do you know what’s next? It’s me, up in the sky, screaming and making the best video ever :) Here are some shoots taken from the video file, while me and my instructor are making “wingovers” (the upside down thing) & the longest “spiral dive”(or reaching the ground making spirals really really fast. It was so fast, that the ground looks blurred on the video:

Some photos made from the ground:

And finally me and Deo (my husband), taking videos of everybody else flying and landing:

And celebrating! With my husband and some awesome friends! Thank you Joro, Pesho, Ani & Boby for the amazing gift! :)

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